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The History

The Gruppo Rosa was born in the sixties, in 1965, when they opened the first company Rosa Moduls by the two founding members Rossinelli and Sandrin. Afterwards, Sandrin leaves and Giannino Sandin remain at the helm of the company and in the years to follow he changed the name into the Group Rosa.

Entrepreneurship and effervescence of those years in the business field of Pordenone area, have produced growth opportunities from 1965 to 2014. Initially the company’s mission was addressed to the design and manufacture molds for thermoplastic products, the use of which was becoming more and more competitive than traditional materials of the time.

The company grows and develops parallel to the reference field that is the appliance industry, driven by two neighboring territorial realities such as Zanussi/Zoppas that led Italy to become the first manufacturer of household appliances.

The Gruppo Rosa will become over the years the first European sub-contractor’s home appliance industry, following the entrepreneurial and the ability of the owner to interpret the needs of the market , the company gets closer to the industrial sector.

With the establishment of Rosa Plast in 1979 and then Rose Service in 1999, the first example of a shop in shop in the world of household appliances, Gruppo Rosa becomes one of the largest industrial groups in the sector with production of raw material, equipment, semi-finished and finished products.

Finally, in 2004, at the request of major customers like Eloctrolux and Indesit, the Rosa Europe starts in Poland, which includes three production activities, always shop in shop, located strategically in the Polish industrial triangle of Krakow, Lodz and Wrocolaw.

Rosa Group currently has eight manufacturing locations of which five are located in Italy in the North-East and three in Poland.

Over the years, the Rosa Group has established itself in the field of subcontracting, manufacturing and sales of plastic products and plastic material.