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Quality Policies

The management of the Gruppo Rosa, defines its quality policy as a means to run their organization.

The quality policy pursued by the company management focuses on the satisfaction of the activities of all internal and external parties.

The management of the Gruppo Rosa has defined the following Quality Policy:

The Gruppo Rosa wants to be an excellent company in its market, constantly striving to provide products, services and innovative manufacturing technologies that meet the ever growing needs of its customers in order to increase the satisfaction of its customers.

The Gruppo Rosa believes technological innovation one of its strength in an increasingly competitive market, striving to promote its own resources by encouraging the creative contribution. In this context fits the will of partnership with its suppliers.

The management of the Gruppo Rosa is committed to respecting the environment and safety in the workplace.

The management of the Gruppo Rosa is committed to spreading its policy at all levels of its own organization.

The management of the Gruppo Rosa identifies objectives formalized, monitored by directional indicators, as a way to pursue its policy for quality.

Certificate ISO 9001 ROSA GROUP

Medical Certification ISO 13485 ROSA MICRO