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Environment Policies

ROSA Group wants to be an excellent company in its reference market, constantly striving to provide innovative products, services and technologies that meet the ever-growing needs of its customers, both in terms of the characteristics of the supplies and, more generally, for the well-being of the people and the environment.

For this purpose, ROSA Group Management makes available the adequate resources so that all activities can be carried out with the best efficiency and with the utmost respect for occupational health and safety and environmental aspects.

With its own Integrated Management System for the Quality of products and services, for Occupational Health and Safety and for the Environment (developed and applied according to the most recent International Standards), ROSA Group Management intends to optimize and improve the Group's performance in all the areas mentioned above.

For Environmental Management, ROSA Group Management promotes the guidelines and general principles expressed below, to be implemented and monitored in all production activities and in all the various corporate plants and sites of the Group, with particular attention to the protection of natural resources in the context of sustainable development.

For the above, ROSA Group Management indicates the following frame of reference, within which to set the period objectives for the improvement of environmental performance:

  • Respect and protection of the environment in which the various plants of the Group companies are located, with particular attention to the use of resources for their sustainable management.
  • The continuous commitment to improve Environmental performance, through careful management of all compliance obligations (legal and otherwise) and the awareness, information, training, and involvement of all Interested Parties.
  • Systematic control of direct Environmental aspects (such as emissions into the atmosphere, water discharges, noise pollution and waste management) with prompt recovery of any anomaly detected.
  • Careful management of potential emergency situations, aimed at preventing or, at least, mitigating the consequences of any adverse event (such as accidental pollution).

For monitoring the concrete achievement of the objectives, ROSA Group Management commits each Plant Management to systematically verify the availability, understanding and support of the Company Policies by all the people involved, the adequacy of the resources made available, the suitability, the compliancy of the reference regulations, the effectiveness of the Management System implemented and the control of achievement level of the defined objectives

Similarly, the Plant Managements are committed to detecting any deficiencies or unwanted trends, promptly initiating the appropriate corrective actions.