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Health And Safety Policies

ROSA Group has the priority objective of safeguarding the health and safety of people in accordance with the corporate purposes contemplated in the statute of the Company itself.

ROSA Group undertakes to adopt an Occupational Health and Safety Management System according to the UNI ISO 45001:2018 standard, through which it intends to pursue the following main objectives:

  • commit to the prevention of workplace accidents and occupational diseases, pursuing Continuous Improvement in the implementation of the Management System and its performance;
  • improve the health and safety of workers in the workplace through compliance with current legislation, making all staff aware of safety issues and the importance of everyone's contribution for the purpose of improving general safety conditions at work;
  • increase workers' satisfaction in carrying out their work;
  • safeguard the safety and security of all visitors and workers of contractor companies;
  • improve internal communication processes at all levels to encourage the dissemination of information, knowledge and experience;
  • ensure personnel development of skills through information, education and training programmes;
  • ensure strict compliance with current legislative requirements for the community.

To achieve the objectives, the Management undertakes to:

  • make available resources (human, professional, infrastructural and economic resources) and adequate knowledge to guarantee that the Policy is understood, implemented and supported at all corporate levels;
  • provide continuous staff training on matters relating to Health and Safety at Work and with reference to the job performed, to make competent and qualified professional figures available and to involve the functions in achieving the set objectives, with a view to Continuous Improvement;
  • give to the Management System Manager the necessary authority to guarantee the correct implementation of the System itself, so that all activities that may have an impact on Occupational Health and Safety are adequately controlled and managed;
  • define adequate company objectives and systematically verify the performance of the indicators of one's own activity, highlighting deficiencies and unwanted events; identify the causes and initiate the consequent actions with a view to Continuously Improving the effectiveness of the Management System, making adequate resources available and defining times and responsibilities for implementation;
  • review the Management System at planned intervals to ensure its continued suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.